Friday, November 21, 2008

Okay.... so I was looking at when I last blogged & I get it...I'm a slacker. I have been a little absorbed in the book series I've been reading. I'm reading the Twilight series.

I'm currently re-reading it because I like it ...& also because I got ahead of my self when I read it the 1st time. I accidently skipped the 2nd book in the series. I thought I had them in the right order...until it was to late. So I read 1, 3, & 4. (Much to the Husband's horror I didn't stop after I got done w/ 3 to read 2 before I read the last book.)

I was like .....ah NO!!! ( He was appalled!! I didn't care..hello they left 3's end at at a good point..I had to know the ending!!) So I'm re-reading them in the correct order.... Now.

I'm watching the news & these little girls are losing their mind at the movie premieres. ( I mean my inner teenie bopper get's it...but come on!!! Girls ..GET A on to get real tight. )

I am excited to see the movie, I hope they do a good job translating it to the "big screen". Even so it should still be good on it's own...unless of course they butcher it. i'm going with my girly-frd & oldest God-dtr on Tues night late. Hopefully we'll miss some of the mess.

Aside from that we're all doing well here. The household has temporarily(sp?) gotten over our collective runny noses. We're prep-ing for Thanksgiving (Thurs)& Mikael's B-Day(Sat), & my B-day (that next Thurs).

Money is tight as always. We're just making it...barely...just like everybody else. It's worth it though for me to be able to stay home with Mikael. (Fore which I am sooo grateful for. )

I will eventually have to get a part-time job though. Sigh. I'll have to , especially with every darn thing going up!!! Anyway..welcome to the real the old saying goes " Ya may not get what you want, but you'll get what ya need."

I don't mind will be nice to get caught up on things, & maybe have a little extra pocket $. (That will be "weird"..haha) The only hold up is that with the husband's work schedule it's tricky. I'll have to have some help to be able to swing it when he's on-call.

Anyway...sorry it took so long to do an update. Next time it won't hopefully be such a long novel. XOXOXO