Thursday, December 11, 2008

Happy Holidays

Well, it's hard to believe that anouther year has passed us by.

Do remember when you were a child & it seemed as if time would never move? Time was itself a stuborn child that seemed to drag it's feet & demand not to be moved. As in all things....that too has evolved into something new.

I frankly love being an adult. There would have to be some serious sellsman ship on the part of the controller of time to convince go to back to be a child or teenager. For all the pitfalls, responsibilities, and sadness of adulthood they are easily out weighed by the opportunities, freedoms, and unexpected joys I have gotten to experience as an adult.

So as I look again at the past year with the struggles with the economy, our struggles with bills, & our responsibilities; I also review the joy. The small grateful moments that take your breathe away with their unexpected largeness.

In my efforts to live a life of gratitude, I try to experience the joys that have been presented to me. They are given to all us. They are the tiny moments, the ones easliy missed. The ones that GOD sneaks in to see if we're paying attention. Are you paying attention??

When was the last time you looked up? Be distracted. Look at the color on the know the one that was your favorite at the time...the one you spent two weeks pondering five color swatches over. Look at it again. Look at the magitude of snowflakes that have to come together as a united front to create the snow blanket that is currently covering your car.

It's amazing.

What of your body? Your vehicle your ship, in this topsy turvy world. It may not be perfect...but..... how much better is it than the person's who's body is ill or dying.

Those that are broken are praying for a body just like yours. They cry out so that they could have just one more day, one month, one year more to appreciate the world that up to that point in their lives was un-fantastic.

I looked up today...I showed my son the effortless grace of the clouds....the multi-hewed tones of the sky...the gravity defing grace & skill of the birds who are returning to winter homes that they may have only been to once. And I bask in his joy at seeing these wonders for the first time.

These are the things I'm pondering as this year is coming to a close. When the pitfalls come to grab at my feet....I try to be grateful that I have feet worth grabbing at.