Saturday, January 17, 2009

So it's the New year fact we're already a couple of weeks into it. I'm telling you I have no sense of time perception right now. I blink's gone.

I know join the club right?

So I've had some personal insight lately.....interspection is good. Anyway, I digress.....I have happily turned into a relatively quite person.
(Insert freak out by friends here)

I really am just happy to quietly read my books, (right now: Nuala Anne series by A. Greeley) enjoy my life, listen to my friends jabber about whats going on with them, enjoying my own little corner of the world, and generally my own contentment.

There's a lot going on with my friends right now, & unfortunately most of it's not very happy stuff. Life is starting to get pretty rough for them right now. (Sigh)

After an interesting conversation with one of them I discovered that "they" were feeling pretty disconected with me. Some were feeling that I had been kind of "absent" lately. ( True enough-though not really intentionally) Not good.

I felt bad because I generally try to be a good friend. I tend to want to help "fix" things for people I care about ...& right now there's really nothing I can do for my friends in the "handyman-fix-a-friend" department. (Sigh)

I think I had just kind of pulled back/or emotionally cked out from their situations because I think I just kind of ran out of appropriate responses. After a point what do you say to a frd in an unresolvable situation?? After awhile I just felt "sorry" just sounded kind of lame.

So I 'm working on a compromise between "not attempting to be a fixer" & " being supportive of my frds who still needs a good frd". Tough line...frankly I'm not very good at it... at least not yet. I'm trying though.

I'm still enjoying the quite contentment of my day to day life. In alot of ways my days are feeling peacefully mediative. (Ohmmm..hahaha) Kind of funny when you think that half my day I'm running after a very busy 14 month old.

Anyway, the moral of all of this rambling nonsense is that I'm just really quite right now so if I don't seem to have much to say it's not you. I'm just trying to live the parable of the Little Brown Owl.

There once was a Little Brown Owl,
The less she spoke the more she heard
The more see heard the more she learned
what a wise old bird.


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Happy Holidays

Well, it's hard to believe that anouther year has passed us by.

Do remember when you were a child & it seemed as if time would never move? Time was itself a stuborn child that seemed to drag it's feet & demand not to be moved. As in all things....that too has evolved into something new.

I frankly love being an adult. There would have to be some serious sellsman ship on the part of the controller of time to convince go to back to be a child or teenager. For all the pitfalls, responsibilities, and sadness of adulthood they are easily out weighed by the opportunities, freedoms, and unexpected joys I have gotten to experience as an adult.

So as I look again at the past year with the struggles with the economy, our struggles with bills, & our responsibilities; I also review the joy. The small grateful moments that take your breathe away with their unexpected largeness.

In my efforts to live a life of gratitude, I try to experience the joys that have been presented to me. They are given to all us. They are the tiny moments, the ones easliy missed. The ones that GOD sneaks in to see if we're paying attention. Are you paying attention??

When was the last time you looked up? Be distracted. Look at the color on the know the one that was your favorite at the time...the one you spent two weeks pondering five color swatches over. Look at it again. Look at the magitude of snowflakes that have to come together as a united front to create the snow blanket that is currently covering your car.

It's amazing.

What of your body? Your vehicle your ship, in this topsy turvy world. It may not be perfect...but..... how much better is it than the person's who's body is ill or dying.

Those that are broken are praying for a body just like yours. They cry out so that they could have just one more day, one month, one year more to appreciate the world that up to that point in their lives was un-fantastic.

I looked up today...I showed my son the effortless grace of the clouds....the multi-hewed tones of the sky...the gravity defing grace & skill of the birds who are returning to winter homes that they may have only been to once. And I bask in his joy at seeing these wonders for the first time.

These are the things I'm pondering as this year is coming to a close. When the pitfalls come to grab at my feet....I try to be grateful that I have feet worth grabbing at.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Okay.... so I was looking at when I last blogged & I get it...I'm a slacker. I have been a little absorbed in the book series I've been reading. I'm reading the Twilight series.

I'm currently re-reading it because I like it ...& also because I got ahead of my self when I read it the 1st time. I accidently skipped the 2nd book in the series. I thought I had them in the right order...until it was to late. So I read 1, 3, & 4. (Much to the Husband's horror I didn't stop after I got done w/ 3 to read 2 before I read the last book.)

I was like .....ah NO!!! ( He was appalled!! I didn't care..hello they left 3's end at at a good point..I had to know the ending!!) So I'm re-reading them in the correct order.... Now.

I'm watching the news & these little girls are losing their mind at the movie premieres. ( I mean my inner teenie bopper get's it...but come on!!! Girls ..GET A on to get real tight. )

I am excited to see the movie, I hope they do a good job translating it to the "big screen". Even so it should still be good on it's own...unless of course they butcher it. i'm going with my girly-frd & oldest God-dtr on Tues night late. Hopefully we'll miss some of the mess.

Aside from that we're all doing well here. The household has temporarily(sp?) gotten over our collective runny noses. We're prep-ing for Thanksgiving (Thurs)& Mikael's B-Day(Sat), & my B-day (that next Thurs).

Money is tight as always. We're just making it...barely...just like everybody else. It's worth it though for me to be able to stay home with Mikael. (Fore which I am sooo grateful for. )

I will eventually have to get a part-time job though. Sigh. I'll have to , especially with every darn thing going up!!! Anyway..welcome to the real the old saying goes " Ya may not get what you want, but you'll get what ya need."

I don't mind will be nice to get caught up on things, & maybe have a little extra pocket $. (That will be "weird"..haha) The only hold up is that with the husband's work schedule it's tricky. I'll have to have some help to be able to swing it when he's on-call.

Anyway...sorry it took so long to do an update. Next time it won't hopefully be such a long novel. XOXOXO

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Well.... I'm not sure how much farther I am since my last post. (That is actually not true. )

I figured out my blog name, so I could send it to a friend. (Yeah Me!!! I was starting to lose my patience that I couldn't figure it out.) It teaches me that I should write this stuff down somewhere.... But to be honest I would put it in such a safe spot I wouldn't be able to find it again. ( I lose more stuff that way.)

I logged on to follow my friends blog. ( Yeah!!) I cleaned up mine a little. (Yeah!!) It's getting a little easier....someday I'll look back at this & laugh. ( Or as the phelps fan says "OR CRY!!!")

On a different note, I dressed my son up in his Halloween costume & took him to see his Great Gpa at his asst. living apt. complex. Nice place.

So fun though, they loved seeing him!!! My son was really great about it all. ( The weather was so warm today that his super warm polar fleece, full body, with hoodie, purple dragon costume was a bit much. God Bless him!!!) I made sure I didn't leave him in it for more than 5-6 mins. Good Kid.

We got some good pictures of them together & some of him with his poppie & gma. We had lunch & generally enjoyed our visit. It was a sad day for Grt Gpa & Poppie. Today was the 1st anniversary of the passing of Grt Gma & Mom. So it was good to see "Little Boy" all dressed up. It did both of them some good I think.

Tommorrow we're all over the place!! Two naps(Here's hoping), a lunching at the Huzbums work that I have to take food to, find a possible replacement outfit ( 1st still a little too big..of course) for son's Sunday Baptism, & finnally spend the evening at my parents for son's 1st night of Tricker-Treating(Fun!!!), closed out by My oldest DTR spending the night with us ( God-dtr). I'm grateful though, good family, good frds, & good times...what more can a person ask for.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Well I did it!!

I'm so proud of myself!! I did it, all by myself, no help......I'm part of the eletronic age!!!! I have my own Blog!! Ok, that does not sound impressive to you super computer literate people!! (You know who you are.)Well get over yourself, not EVER-one can be sooo spiffy cool as you.

I can take your ridicule...I'm a rough tough powder puff ! Though seriously, you truely can't grasp how clueless I am without the help of my girly-frds (or my husband). If the internet & my computer were a wet paper sack..well lets just say I could get my self out....but just barely. Seriously. (I wish I was joking.)

So to preserve the health of my computer (and the sanity on my Huzbum), I generally don't try anything new. I open NOTHING of questionable origins, ever. I occasionally get things that I think are ok...I still ask my husband. (Ex. " Hey honey, so-and-so sent me this email & it has this attachment & my computer says it might have "cooties"...wada a think?)

There are some creepy computer jerks out there....and they would eat me if I let them!! Their scary creepy with all their dashes & hiphens & slashes & colons & viruses....oh my!!! I generally just hide under my so called " NO computer adventures for me" Blanket. Thank you very much!!

Hey... your laughing at me again!! It's not funny. There are too scary monsters under the bed!!! (...oops I mean the in the computer.)

Ok, well maybe I exagerate...just a little. I'm not that bad. Reealllly! I'm really just not sure what my options are. So here I am being Brave..Yeah Me!!! Well this is enough fun for now. Back to the internet kiddy pool with me. Maybe next time I'll trying something truely daring ...uploading a picture. Eck!!!