Saturday, January 17, 2009

So it's the New year fact we're already a couple of weeks into it. I'm telling you I have no sense of time perception right now. I blink's gone.

I know join the club right?

So I've had some personal insight lately.....interspection is good. Anyway, I digress.....I have happily turned into a relatively quite person.
(Insert freak out by friends here)

I really am just happy to quietly read my books, (right now: Nuala Anne series by A. Greeley) enjoy my life, listen to my friends jabber about whats going on with them, enjoying my own little corner of the world, and generally my own contentment.

There's a lot going on with my friends right now, & unfortunately most of it's not very happy stuff. Life is starting to get pretty rough for them right now. (Sigh)

After an interesting conversation with one of them I discovered that "they" were feeling pretty disconected with me. Some were feeling that I had been kind of "absent" lately. ( True enough-though not really intentionally) Not good.

I felt bad because I generally try to be a good friend. I tend to want to help "fix" things for people I care about ...& right now there's really nothing I can do for my friends in the "handyman-fix-a-friend" department. (Sigh)

I think I had just kind of pulled back/or emotionally cked out from their situations because I think I just kind of ran out of appropriate responses. After a point what do you say to a frd in an unresolvable situation?? After awhile I just felt "sorry" just sounded kind of lame.

So I 'm working on a compromise between "not attempting to be a fixer" & " being supportive of my frds who still needs a good frd". Tough line...frankly I'm not very good at it... at least not yet. I'm trying though.

I'm still enjoying the quite contentment of my day to day life. In alot of ways my days are feeling peacefully mediative. (Ohmmm..hahaha) Kind of funny when you think that half my day I'm running after a very busy 14 month old.

Anyway, the moral of all of this rambling nonsense is that I'm just really quite right now so if I don't seem to have much to say it's not you. I'm just trying to live the parable of the Little Brown Owl.

There once was a Little Brown Owl,
The less she spoke the more she heard
The more see heard the more she learned
what a wise old bird.


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