Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Well I did it!!

I'm so proud of myself!! I did it, all by myself, no help......I'm part of the eletronic age!!!! I have my own Blog!! Ok, that does not sound impressive to you super computer literate people!! (You know who you are.)Well get over yourself, not EVER-one can be sooo spiffy cool as you.

I can take your ridicule...I'm a rough tough powder puff ! Though seriously, you truely can't grasp how clueless I am without the help of my girly-frds (or my husband). If the internet & my computer were a wet paper sack..well lets just say I could get my self out....but just barely. Seriously. (I wish I was joking.)

So to preserve the health of my computer (and the sanity on my Huzbum), I generally don't try anything new. I open NOTHING of questionable origins, ever. I occasionally get things that I think are ok...I still ask my husband. (Ex. " Hey honey, so-and-so sent me this email & it has this attachment & my computer says it might have "cooties"...wada a think?)

There are some creepy computer jerks out there....and they would eat me if I let them!! Their scary creepy with all their dashes & hiphens & slashes & colons & viruses....oh my!!! I generally just hide under my so called " NO computer adventures for me" Blanket. Thank you very much!!

Hey... your laughing at me again!! It's not funny. There are too scary monsters under the bed!!! (...oops I mean the in the computer.)

Ok, well maybe I exagerate...just a little. I'm not that bad. Reealllly! I'm really just not sure what my options are. So here I am being Brave..Yeah Me!!! Well this is enough fun for now. Back to the internet kiddy pool with me. Maybe next time I'll trying something truely daring ...uploading a picture. Eck!!!

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